Upon turning 40, as guidelines recommend, Margie went annually for a mammogram. Each report year after year came back, clear with no concerns. Last August, she felt a lump and proceeded to request a 3D mammogram which, like the others, came back clear. She went on her merry way, relieved that everything was good.

Fast forward to February 2018. She was working out, eating clean, lost a few pounds when she again noticed a lump, this time sore to the touch. After discussing her concerns with several of her medical peers, she ended up back at her local imaging center, this time receiving two additional 3D mammograms and one ultrasound. The radiologist reported that he “thought it was just dense breast tissue but wanted a biopsy just in case.” The following day she went for a biopsy, and the following week her worst fears were confirmed: She had stage 2B breast cancer! The tumor measured 3.6cm and the cancer had already made its way into several of her lymph nodes. Her surgeon showed her the 3D mammograms from the week before and stated, “You see that clip (metal clip placed during biopsy)? That’s where your cancer is. You can’t see your cancer because you have dense breast tissue.

Trying to find your cancer on a mammogram is like trying to find cancer in a snow blizzard. It’s nearly impossible.” And impossible it was. Had she known this earlier, she could have elected further diagnostics, such as ultrasound or MRI, to find the tumor that was missed by repeated mammography. Breast density notification would have made her aware and allowed her to make choices about her personal self care. Breast density notification could have helped her detect the cancer much earlier (early detection is so important) that she is currently fighting. But Margie was not given that choice so she will fight for others instead. Margie has undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy since March and a double mastectomy in August followed by 30 days of radiation and a hysterectomy in September 2018.

Now, still recovering of her own personal fight with breast cancer, Margie and her Army are getting ready finish their mission to get “Margie’s Law” passed in the state of Georgia that will give women the proper breast density notification and education from their mammograms!


Note from Margie Singleton:

I must admit, there are days I struggle with frustration and depression because I am not 100% back To par both physically or mentally, but continue to push through, taking all one day, one minute at a time.  I am beyond grateful for Gods healing me of cancer, but the continued emotional longterm rollercoaster cancer plays on a person is REAL!  It takes constant prayer, guidance and strength from family and friends daily!

With that, I am taking on 2019 in high gear!  Hyper focused on staying healthy, getting back to life, loving my family and friends, appreciating every day and making the push for “Margie’s Law” to get passed in the upcoming Georgia Legislative session.

Asking for continued prayers of  guidance, strength and healing, not only for myself but for everyone affected by this UGLY disease!  WAY to many lives lost and affected!  ????

So much love,

Margie Singleton